Let us teach the course in wellness championship.

As students face taking care of their health on their own for what is likely the first time in their lives, you want to be prepared to support them. And as your health center’s partner, Envolve PeopleCarethe Envolve family of companies is here to support you, 24/7. Our experienced professionals work within your standards, systems, and processes to deliver the care your students need.

We begin with outreach initiatives that increase awareness of health resources, as well as engagement in campus health events. When students feel empowered to take control of their own health, you have a more productive and engaged student body. Our nurse advice line offers clinical care around the clock so that students can get the care they need even when the health center is closed. By making sure that issues do not go untreated, we can help your students avoid minor illnesses becoming more expensive.

Our behavioral health services are also helpful resources for university students. Students’ time in college can be mentally and physically taxing, and many face depression and increased amounts of stress. While we are experts in physical health, we also have vast expertise in helping people to remove barriers that prevent living a healthy, happy life. This could mean helping university students to find the appropriate mental health professionals, or find practical ways for them to manage their workload. Whatever their needs, we are committed to helping people become their own wellness champions, a title your students will carry into adulthood.

Instead of taxing your campus resources with always-on-call schedules or stretching your budget to allow for after-hours employees, turn to the Envolve family of companies as your partner and a seamless extension of your team.

When your students are in control of their health, they are able to focus more fully on their education. And as your partner, we will help them, and you, renew that focus.