Caring for seniors and those with disabilities requires a unique skill set, one that the Envolve family of companies has honed over years of servicing this population. Our effectiveness in this market has been proven by improved Stars measures in our partner healthcare organizations, brought about by programs targeted to this population’s specific needs.

Our care management program is designed to provide timely guidance, resources, and education to those dealing with complex health issues. By offering expert advice from health coaches via convenient home monitoring technology, we can truly meet members where they are and provide the help they need when they need it. Members also have 24/7 access to our nurse advice line, where our team can provide home care guidance or direct the caller to the appropriate care center. This resource gives your members a stronger peace of mind, and ultimately saves money on costly ER visits. And our care gap closure services can help your organization ensure that members adhere to recommended care guidelines, such as post-discharge follow-up.


With our resources, your organization can ease the difficulties that many Medicare members face.