The individuals in our society with the most limited means are, far too often, those who are most at-risk. When these individuals are struggling with resources such as housing or transportation, their wellbeing is all too easily neglected. That’s where the Envolve family of companies can help: we have a great deal of experience of partnering with Medicaid plans and helping members overcome life obstacles in order to take care of their health.

Our work with more than 20 Medicaid health plans across the country has given us deep expertise in the different needs of individuals, and has spurred us to create resources for those needs. For those struggling with employment, housing, or education, our behavioral health programs offer solutions to such psychosocial barriers to healthy living. Our emergency department education can decrease Medicaid participants’ misuse of emergency room resources by educating members on other appropriate places to receive care. For patients with chronic conditions, we help manage costs by offering targeted support to close care gaps and tele-care services. These services have been proven to improve on HEDIS measures for our partner organizations.

With the Envolve family of companies on your team, you can truly help society’s most underprivileged individuals to improve their health by focusing on each member’s unique needs.