Affordable ways to achieve wellbeing today and save money tomorrow.


Our focus has always been on promoting wellbeing in order to prevent disease, rather than waiting for a problem to arise before taking action. And with today’s shifting healthcare landscape, our programs and services are more vital than ever. The Envolve family of  companies work to deliver the full attention, education and resources that your members deserve. Our research-based behavior change programs are tailored to individuals so that we can meet them where they are, identify barriers to healthy living and provide resources to overcome those barriers. By building a strong foundation today, we can preserve the health of your members, bolster efficiency and manage costs well into the future.

Our services also deliver optimal convenience, efficiency and affordability on a day-to-day basis. If a member wants to discuss a medical issue, going to the emergency room or waiting for an available appointment with a doctor can be problematic. However, consulting one of our health coaches or calling our 24/7 nurse advice line to discuss the best course of action can prevent a considerable amount of that inconvenience and reduce the unnecessary utilization of costly care.

You’re focused on protecting the best interests of the unions members who depend on you. And we’re focused on helping you succeed.