Various needs, one solution

More and more employers are relying on your expertise and guidance as they search for the best solution for wellbeing needs. And in such a crowded space, more vendors lead to more confusion for everyone. With integrated services from the Envolve famly of companies, we make it simpler and more effective with streamlined health, life and wellness services.

Health OutcomesOur integrated services mean that we don’t treat discrete parts of an individual’s health—we address the health and wellbeing of the whole person. We’re in the people business, with a fresh outlook on the future of healthcare—and that means accounting for all of life’s areas that can affect a person’s health. Streamlined services mean streamlined solutions, and real-world benefits for your clients. Our set of competencies and resources often take multiple vendors to provide. By recommending our comprehensive set of solutions, you can feel confident that your clients are receiving the most efficient services.

Integrated services also lead to innovative solutions.  By combining our expertise and cutting-edge research in behavior change with our user-friendly digital platform, we are better able than anyone to meet individuals where they are and effect real lifestyle changes. Our programs are capable of targeting an individual’s top risks and their readiness to change, therefore creating an actionable plan for realistic goals and step-by-step progress. Our focus is always on how we will continue looking forward as we evolve our programs, and to involve everyone who can be a part of our future.

When you partner with us to bring about a culture of health in your clients’ organizations, you can trust that they are in good hands. We make it our business to retain and grow our own relationships with these clients, as well as to protect and nurture their relationships with you.