Commercial Employers

We know that convenience is key when it comes to staying healthy. That’s why at the Envolve family of companies, we make it our mission to provide end-to-end tools and resources that motivate and empower your employees to take greater control over their health.

Digital Health Campaigns

Actively engaging each individual is our first step. We offer targeted communication campaigns to increase awareness of our programs and resources. Our user-friendly Digital Health solutions can be accessed from any device at any time, allowing participants to seamlessly integrate healthy choices into their daily lifestyles. Through our 24/7 nurse advice line, your employees have access to a clinical expert no matter the time, day or night.

Throughout the experience, we meet your employees where they are in order to help them accomplish “bite-size” health goals. Our dynamic health challenges leverage the strength of traditional health challenges, but infuse them with state-of-the-art health behavior change science. Our programs integrate a series of challenges during the year, and work to relate seemingly divergent health behaviors, such as stress management and diet. Therefore, the health and wellness of the whole person is addressed throughout the program. And with health coaching available either online or over the phone, your employees can receive truly personalized support for their health and wellness goals.


We spark real behavior change. And with our patent-pending, evidence-based programs, you’re placing your most valuable assets into the hands of a trusted, proven partner.