Exceptional programs lead to exceptional results.


The companies that make up Envolve PeopleCare have been recognized for excellence in a variety of areas. In recent years, we have received the following awards for programs of high quality, which remains the standard for us today:

Envolve PeopleCare Awards

Hermes Creative Awards

  • Gold recognition for Know Your Sugar (2017)
  • Gold recognition for Like it’s You (2017)
  • Gold recognition for Powerfull: Fuel Up On The Good Stuff (2017)

Ragan Awards

  • Honorable Mention for Visual Design: Reduce Stress, Improve your Overall Health (2017)
  • Honorable Mention for Marketing Campaign of the Year: On.Demand: Real-Time Diabetes Management (2017)

Legacy Company Awards

Graphic Design USA Health & Wellness Design Awards—Raising Well Logo (2015)
Dorland Health’s Case in Point Platinum Award—Asthma Management Program (2015)
Hermes Creative Awards

  • Gold recognition for the Raising Well logo (2016)
  • Platinum recognition for My Care Planner (2015)
  • Gold recognition for Darby Boingg Meets Chrys and the Mums (2015)
  • Gold recognition for Darby Boingg Meets Super J and the Body Mechanics (2015)
  • Gold recognition for Quas-eye, Blink-eye, & Vill-eye, The Gunky Bacteria Brothers (2015)
National Health Information Awards

  • Merit recognition for Work-Life/EAP Engagement Campaign (2015)
  • Bronze recognition for Raising Well logo (2015)
  • Bronze recognition for Blacklick, OH Wellness Campaign (2015)
  • Merit recognition for Arrest the Habit Health Challenge (2015)
  • Gold recognition for Health Coaching Engagement Campaign (2014)
  • Merit Recognition for “OneLife” Logo (2013)
  • Merit Recognition for “Work-life/EAP” Postcard Series (2013)
  • Merit Recognition for Monthly Wellness Postcard Series (2013)
  • Bronze Recognition for the “Upbeat” Newsletter (2012)
  • Merit Recognition for the “Total Wellness” Poster Series (2012)
  • Merit Recognition for the “OptiMe Wellness Program Awareness Poster” (2012)
  • Bronze Recognition for Technicolor’s “Living Color Wellness Campaign” based on the Nurtur Good Health communications campaign. (2011)
  • Bronze Recognition for the “TransFormations” newsletter (2011)
  • Merit Recognition “Living Color” logo (2011)
Web Health Awards Competition

  • Bronze Recognition for “Breakfast Buzz” Health Engagement Email (Summer/Fall 2013)
  • Bronze Recognition for “Nurtur Health and Wellness” Member Website (Summer/Fall 2013)
Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE)

  • Seal of Approval Award – (2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Health and Wellness Seal of Approval Award (2013, 2014, 2015)
Silver recognition in the 16th Annual Web Health Awards —Nurtur’s online health risk assessment as a web-based resource/tool for consumers. (2014)
Gold recognition in the 21st Annual National Health Information Awards—Health Coaching Engagement Campaign (October 2014)
Leonard G. Doak Health Literacy Innovator Contest for Excellence in Health Literacy for Printed Communications for Consumers (2013)
Health Information Awards for Excellence in Member Health & Wellness Communication Materials (2012)
EPA National Leadership Award for Asthma Management (2011 & 2013)
URAC Case in Point Platinum Award for Asthma Management (2012)
MHPA Award for Diabetes Management (2012)