The Pillars: Introducing Envolve PeopleCare’s Behavioral Science Approach

Quit smoking, eat more whole foods, exercise daily, get better sleep—and the list goes on! Nearly everyone knows what they should do to live a healthier life. But if you’ve ever tried to stop smoking, eat healthier, or make any change to improve your health, you know how hard it is. Nearly everyone wants to be healthier but we struggle with how to make it happen and how to make it stick. Envolve PeopleCareTM understands these challenges which is why behavior change science is at the core of our specialty healthcare solutions.

In 2017, our Applied Behavioral Science team developed an innovative, evidence-based approach to incorporate behavior change science into our specialized care management, coaching, lifestyle and digital solutions. This groundbreaking Behavioral Science Approach (BSA) draws upon established theories and empirical research from a range of disciplines – including psychology, sociology, behavioral economics, and health communication – to empower people to improve their health and quality of life. Five well-established principles of behavioral science provide the foundation of the BSA:

These principles – known as Envolve PeopleCare’s Pillars of Behavior Change Science – have been tested across many health behaviors. When considered, they help people develop healthier habits and keep them going for the long run. The BSA is designed to support current and future solutions from the perspective of these five pillars.

In the following weeks, our team will introduce each pillar with greater detail about how it can support behavior change. With efforts like the Behavioral Science Approach along with the partnerships developed by the Envolve Center for Health Behavior Change – a collaboration between Centene Corporation, Washington University in St. Louis and Duke University – Envolve PeopleCare stands ready and eager to partner with the consumers and communities we serve to affect sustainable, positive health behavior changes.

Learn more about each of the Behavioral Science Pillars:

Pillar 1: Care for the Whole Person
Pillar 2: Consider the Context
Pillar 3: Promote Sustainable Motivation
Pillar 4: Empower Self-Efficacy 

Applied Behavior Change Science Team

Allison GrupskiDonovan

Envolve PeopleCare’s Applied Behavior Change Science (ABS) team is comprised of Allison Grupski, PhD, Allison Rose, MHS, and Jimmy Donovan. Combined, the ABS team brings a wealth of experience in behavior change, clinical psychology, weight management, health promotion and health disparities research, healthcare operations and communications. The ABS team is responsible for maintaining Envolve PeopleCare’s Behavioral Science Approach to ensure that our products and services are rooted in behavioral science and promote positive, sustainable health behavior change. 

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