On.Demand: Real-time Diabetes Management

Want to improve compliance, reduce costs, and reach individuals sooner?

On.Demand combines cloud-technology with real-expert intervention to save time and increase efficiency. The diabetes management program revolves around empowering the individual. Events where an individual needs support are instantly realized, triggering outreach alerts via the cloud.

Cloud-connected glucometer for On.Demand Real-time diabetes management


Streamlined, user-friendly mobile technology drives our comprehensive program. It eliminates time-consuming steps such as filling prescriptions, while reducing the waste of absent compliance and lowering the costs of diabetes.


On.Demand closely oversees the behavior of individuals managing diabetes and provides consistent support. Specifically, the program incorporates high-tech, easy-to-use devices, to monitor glucometer activation, daily compliance, and glucose readings to ensure recommended ranges are maintained.


The On.Demand diabetes management program is designed to reach individuals with diabetes the moment they need support. By focusing on long-lasting behavior change, it breaks the mold of other re-active, short-time solutions.


It boils down to accountability. When individuals know they have support, they’re more likely to succeed in managing a condition. There are major problems with traditional models; lack of compliance, waste, confusion for the individual, and increasing expenses.


How does the process work?
Here’s a clear step-by-step view.

  • STEP 1

    On.Demand delivers a diabetes management supply kit straight to an individual’s home. No trips to the pharmacy are necessary! The supply kit includes an introduction to the program, cellular glucometer, test strips, and a how-to guide.

  • STEP 2

    On.Demand’s cloud environment captures blood glucose measurements from the test strips and sends new strips when the cloud records them as “used”.

  • STEP 3

    Test strips are mailed within 8 days of an individual’s supply ending. Unlike traditional models, waste is eliminated by sending strips only when they’re needed.

  • STEP 4

    Convenience is everything. The cloud makes recordkeeping effortless for the participant, and easy auto-fill home deliveries boost compliance.


Five days after program enrollment, Frank has not yet activated his glucometer.

WHAT HAPPENS: An outreach is triggered and a care support expert checks-in. Frank is encouraged to activate his device and begin daily glucose testing.

Sally's compliance increases, but her readings fall outside of a normal range.

WHAT HAPPENS: By monitoring the readings, our program can offer enrollment in a more intensive Diabetes Management Coaching program, as necessary. Sally receives routine outreach and tailored education based on testing patterns and glucose levels.

Mary does not test her blood sugar for five days in a row.

WHAT HAPPENS: Compliance is monitored, and Mary is contacted and encouraged to get back on track. Barriers to testing are identified, and she is assisted in planning to eliminate hurdles.

What Our Diabetes Care Experts are Saying

Real-time diabetes management whitepaper from Envolve PeopleCare