Integrated Work-Life and Employee Assistance Program

More than a check-box benefit

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are often labeled the check-box benefit, but it doesn’t have to be with the right partner.

Envolve PeopleCare™ provides a variety of resources to help you promote a healthy lifestyle and show your employees the support they need. Our EAP includes engaging communications that empower and educate, an easy-to-use mobile app, personalized website, SMS text communication, and our 24/7 team of experts ready to help participants anytime via a whole-health approach.

With quarterly and annual confidential utilization reports, your organization can see the results.

Achieve lower absenteeism, higher productivity, and greater employee satisfaction and wellbeing.


Real Stories

Willow was having difficulty finding the right care for her son with special needs. Our EAP team was there to help.

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Whole-health Employee Assistance Programs

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Specialty Areas

Behavioral Health Clinical Counseling

With tailored behavioral healthcare programs and over three decades of experience, we provide crucial mental health and substance use disorder services to improve quality of life for individuals.

Between our robust national network of over 55,000 providers, our care management program, and our commitment to promoting whole-person well-being, we help members identify and resolve issues related to family conflict, relationships, domestic violence, stress, changes in mood, and much more. Our licensed clinicians are available to assist 24/7 by phone, in-person, or through video counseling.

The spectrum of benefits include:

  • Sessions with counselors, psychiatrists or psychologists

  • Treatment to meet a member's medical needs, ranging from alternative levels of care (a few hours a day, several days a week) to inpatient treatment (24-hour care)

  • Crisis intervention available 24 hours a day, every day of the year

  • Treatment follow-up and aftercare

Behavioral health tools, provider search, and referrals are also available 24/7 online on a personalized EAP member website.

Work-life Services

Our work-life services help employees find a balance amongst the stressors brought on by work and everyday life. Employees can call anytime to speak with one of our consultants, who will discuss their questions and problems, followed by a proactive follow up to ensure personalized care.

We provide participants with a free, self-service website containing hundreds of resources and tools—including articles and educational videos, instant messaging, social networking forums, locators to find daycare, schools, nursing homes, and other resources in their area, and monthly podcasts on work-life and wellness topics. Our services are mobile and can be accessed using our member portal app.

Work-life benefits include support for:

Child and Elder Care

  • Childcare needs assessment
  • Provide confirmed openings
  • Home care agencies
  • Assisted living & Skilled nursing facilities
  • Before and after-school care
  • Summer & Part-time care
  • Non-traditional hours
  • Dietary restrictions/allergies
  • Lactation assist

Legal and Financial

  • Civil, consumer and criminal law
  • Personal and family law, including adoption, divorce and custody issues
  • Financial matters
  • Real estate
  • Estate planning
  • Credit counseling
  • Retirement planning
  • HR issues

Daily Living

  • Housing and Moving/Relocation
  • Financial assistance
  • Travel resources
  • Pet care
  • Employment placement agencies
  • Support groups
  • Adoption
  • College financing, GED program, and special education

Wellness Solutions

Stress can cause employees to lose sight of managing their health. When life gets hectic, illnesses follow. Let us help get your employees on the road to wellness.

Our wellness coaches are available by phone, instant message, or email to answer questions, help set attainable goals, and provide resources.

Through the EAP portal, we also provide an online health risk assessment and self-navigated behavior change programs for weight management, nutrition, smoking cessation, and stress management.

Critical Incident Planning, Response, Empowerment Program – PREP 360

Traumatic events can occur abruptly. From natural disasters, to a colleague’s death or workplace violence, we can help you plan and implement a response that helps employees recover and gets your company back to business.

Experience a 360-degree coverage for your organization before, during and after critical and traumatic incidents that affect employees and the workplace.

  • 24/7 Internal Crisis Planning and Response Team
  • 9000+ CISD specialty providers nationwide
  • Critical incident planning and response (CIPR) readiness assessments & reports
  • Onsite services
  • Workplace Incident Response
  • 20 hours per incident / Unlimited incidents – Same day available
  • CIPR & resiliency training programs
  • Opportunities to meet your response team

Training & Organizational Development

Your employees face everyday challenges at home and at work. Give them the tools to keep moving forward. When you invest in your employees’ personal and professional development, it can lead to greater productivity, enhanced work-life balance, and more satisfaction on the job.

Our trainings include work and life seminars, health and wellness workshops, workplace skill development, and workplace safety and compliance.

We also provide a variety of organizational development services for when your organization faces challenges that impact large groups or the whole company.

We begin with a four-hour onsite workplace needs assessment and provide an action plan to address barriers that are impeding business success. We can also help implement the plan through services such as

  • Facilitated group processing
  • Support group development and facilitation
  • Management and leadership coaching
  • Human Resources consultation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Train-the-trainer programs

Engaging Communications and Enhanced Reporting

Your employees won’t utilize a benefit they don’t know exists. We go further by providing you with engaging communications and personalized strategies to help educate your employees on what is offered.

And with our enhanced reporting, your organization can access utilization reports and access data including:

  • Caller demographics (age, gender, and status)
  • Utilization summarized by division
  • Issue categories for cases
  • Identified personal and work-related issues
  • General assistance queries
  • Website hits
  • Method of contact
  • Workplace activities (on-site training, crisis support, etc.)