Health Portal

Streaming better health.

Envolve PeopleCare’s Health Portal serves as the online hub for individuals working to achieve their health goals and take greater ownership over their wellbeing. Our site offers tools and resources that help with everything from uncovering personal health risks and making a plan to address them—to researching a specific medical topic or locating the right services for their family. It’s all just a click away. portal-home-copy

Nearly 3 out of 4 internet users look up health information online.

Let’s connect them with
resources they can trust.


Our Health Portal offers a wide array of resources, all logically organized and easy to navigate. First-time visitors are prompted to complete the online Health Risk Assessment—which provides a snapshot of their current health and allows them to create a personalized wellness roadmap to guide their next steps. After completing it, the site is then personalized based upon the user’s results.

The portal also contains a vast content library to educate, empower and inspire participants as they work towards their health goals. It includes quality health information that is authoritative, approachable and actionable:

  • 3,000+ Health Articles: Spanning 1,500+ conditions, 850+ treatments and 700+ symptoms.
  • 3,000+ Wellness Articles: Content related to wellness, lifestyle and prevention—with new articles added daily.
  • 400+ Healthy Recipes: Including images and nutritional analysis.
  • 400+ Visual Learning Tools: Including health information slideshows and body maps.
  • 400+ Health & Wellness Videos: Interactive medical and clinical videos, helpful fitness walk-throughs and motivational wellness tips.
  • Language Support: Content available in English and Spanish.


Since our health is often affected by life-related issues, we also provide articles on emotional wellness, legal and financial concerns, adult learning and other education-related topics. The portal even includes locator tools for childcare providers, elder home care, camps and schools.

Accredited and Accessible

Learning to manage a health condition can be confusing and overwhelming—so we provide online education and support that’s high in quality and easy to engage with. Our Health Portal and Health Risk Assessment meet NCQA’s Standards for Member Connections (MEM 1 & MEM2) to satisfy the needs of Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial/Marketplace health plans. It is also ADA 508-compliant, and has earned a Bronze Web Health Award.

 Accessibility is also key. The site is available for our participants to use anytime, anywhere and across devices—from laptops and desktops to smartphones and tablets. We also have a strong focus on health literacy and plain language to make healthcare more approachable. On average, our online materials stand at a 6th grade reading level.

Assistant Coach

While our Health Portal is a valuable self-service tool for anyone, it makes for a wonderful complement to the one-on-one coaching process. During calls, our health coaches can focus on helping participants work through issues and set goals—then point them to online resources to supplement their learning based upon the discussion. Participants can even view the profiles of health coaches, fostering a more personal connection that keeps them engaged over the long term.coaches-copy


Suits many different learning styles and topics of interest.


Plays a valuable role during the health coaching process.


Offers specialized resources to tackle life-related barriers.


Meets NCQA standards and is
ADA 508-compliant.