Care Management

Tech-enabled support for complex cases.

When individuals are faced with complex health issues or unexpected medical emergencies, the Care Management programs from Envolve PeopleCare provide information, guidance and resources to improve health outcomes and avert complications.

Our Tele-Care Monitoring service is designed to support and enhance the value our Health & Wellness programs. By combining leading-edge home monitoring technology with our best-in-class health coaching, it enables real-time health interventions and better clinical outcomes for members with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We also provide programs for individuals with episodic or catastrophic health issues—such as high-risk maternity or cancer—to help them better understand treatment options, navigate the often-complex healthcare system and become confident partners with their healthcare team.

Real-Time Intervention

Tele-Care Monitoring allows our team of registered nurses and health coaches to monitor high-risk individuals’ biometric data in real-time using Bluetooth-enabled, wireless in-home devices that transmit data to a secure web portal.  Based upon the data that comes in, we can take immediate action—such as:

  • Alerting physicians by fax and phone when values are outside of acceptable ranges.
  • Calling 911 when medically appropriate.
  • Following-up with participant on to bolster compliance with their physician’s treatment plan.
  • Communicating subsequent biometric values with the participant’s physician.
  • Providing condition-specific education.
  • Promoting self-management techniques in accordance with the evidence-based guidelines for their condition.

Proven Value

Our Tele-Care Monitoring program has seen success in reducing two major drivers of healthcare spending: diabetes-related readmissions and CHF-related emergency room visits.  Beyond simply stabilizing the immediate-term episode, we have also tracked increased compliance with medication and physician visits, as well as improved self-management and health behavior in general—helping to boost HEDIS and Stars scores.

We know real-time intervention works to move the needle in improving lives and lowering healthcare costs. In combination with lower-cost devices, such remote monitoring programs become more affordable—and therefor can be more widely available.


Results from our logistic regression study, retrospectively-matched control:

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Source: Envolve PeopleCare Book of Business Results, analysis period June 2010 – May 2011

Quick and Easy Setup

Participants are provided a tele-monitoring device free of charge based on their primary condition. Once they enroll, a vendor technician will schedule a home visit to install and test the device—as well as teach them how to use it. Participants are also provided their portal access login and information on how to use the secure site.

The device’s vendor will notify us once it is installed so that we can commence monitoring and coaching. Participants can call the vendor’s customer support number to report technical issues—or our health coaches can submit a service ticket via the portal to report issues.


Identifies the best candidates using predictive modeling.


Foster greater compliance with evidence-based care.


Includes disease management services for added support.


Setup is simple
and convenient
for participants.