Health and Life Coaching

Caring for the whole person.

Why aren’t we in better health? The Envolve family of companies are leading the way in not only finding the underlying answers to that question—but also developing innovative, engaging and effective solutions to address the myriad problems we already face today.

  • One of our fundamental beliefs is that human performance—at work, at home or at play—is as much about managing life as it is about managing health. We feel that the single most important, yet overlooked, factor in a person’s ability to maintain health, manage a chronic illness or improve health-related behaviors is that individual’s life environment.

    That’s why we’ve integrated both facets into the Health & Life Coaching suite of services, combining online resources and engaging member communications with telephonic outreach, multi-disciplinary coaching and remote monitoring. Together, each component plays a key role as individuals work to address the life issues that get in the way of health—and get a handle on the health issues that complicate living.

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    Real Stories

    Mary was struggling to lose weight, until she had a ‘light-bulb’ moment with her health coach. Find out what made it click for Mary.

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Health Risk Assessment

A vital front-end data source on lifestyle behaviors and readiness to change when identifying candidates for our disease management services. Learn more here.

Health and Wellness

Our person-centric Health & Wellness approach is tailored to fit each participant and reach them through multi-disciplinary telephonic coaching, online resources and educational mailings. Learn more here.

Health Portal

Our Health Portal serves as the online hub for individuals working to achieve their health goals and take greater ownership over their wellbeing. Learn more here.

Care Management

Information, interventions and resources that improve health outcomes and avert complications for complex or catastrophic conditions. Learn more here.


Improving patient outcomes and medication adherence through our proven, award-winning program. Learn more here.

Work Life and EAP

We provide participants with unlimited access to research and resource referral services, so they can be successful at work—and at home. Learn more here.


Integrating mHealth devices and real-time expert intervention for lower costs and better diabetes outcomes. Learn more here.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

The term “People Care” embodies our guiding philosophy for how we interact with members. It allows us to consider both health status and life barriers at the same time. Why does this matter? Such a dual perspective is the only way to bring the individual into focus—and the only way to discover and address the real underlying issues people face in their journey to better health.

Our comprehensive care coordination blends traditional clinical disease management with behavioral and life-issue assistance to reduce barriers to long-term, sustainable health improvement. This includes personal barriers such as lack of knowledge, insufficient motivation and everyday demands—as well as larger culture and environmental factors like an explosion of expensive new healthcare technologies and treatments, a dramatic shift in diet and lifestyle, and the need for greater individual responsibility and accountability in managing our healthcare and making healthcare decisions.

Continuous Improvement

Envolve PeopleCare’s Health & Life Coaching is grounded in public health methodology and behavioral research, and effectively targets overarching population and individual needs. Data informs all that we do—from how our programs operate to adroitly developing new products that address unmet needs.



Listening for Answers

Health cannot be improved through clinical means alone. It’s not just about educating people on lifestyles, conditions or treatments. Behavior change is much more complex than simply telling someone what to do. It’s about listening—intently, compassionately and with a mind for action.

When we stopped telling and started listening to the reasons why these unique individuals weren’t achieving health goals that could often quite literally save their lives, here’s some of what we heard:

“I have three different doctors. None of them know me. I have to repeat myself every time I go to their office and they only have 10 minutes with me—and I only get to see them once in a while.”
I’m a single parent and have to take my children to daycare in the morning, go to work, then pick them up every evening. By the time I get home, it’s too late and I’m too tired to exercise.
I’m taking care of my mom who is 82 and lives with us. She has diabetes and needs help with all her medications. I’ll take care of myself someday—but right now, I have to take care of her.
I’m going through a divorce… I really can’t deal with this now.
I have too much stress in my life—my mortgage loan increased and I’m afraid I’m going to lose my house and I’m not sleeping… Smoking cigarettes is my only pleasure.
The doctor told me to weigh myself every day and keep track of it—and call him if I start gaining weight. I’m too busy with my grandchildren to worry about that. Isn’t it the doctor’s job to take care of me?

Within those words, our participants are giving us the answer to why they aren’t in better health—and more importantly, the key to helping them improve it. Armed with this understanding, we coach them on finding the motivation to change their behaviors, and their lives, for the better.