Wellness Portal

The platform that brings it all together.

Linking together our Digital Health suite is EPC’s Wellness Portal—the intuitive front-end that makes it easy for you to deliver a cutting-edge, personalized wellness program and spark real behavior change within your population. It’s the engine that runs our Health Assessment, powers our On.Track and On.Target programs, and enriches the user experience for On.Board and On.Call as well. We’ve created a platform that’s flexible, fun and mobile-optimized to bring our Digital Health solutions into the everyday lives of every person you serve.

In every aspect, our Wellness Portal is designed to maximize engagement. We leverage the latest web and mobile best practices, including:

  • Reduced visual clutter that maximizes real estate and pleases the eye.
  • Strong visual elements that “show” rather than “tell,” taking the burden off the end user.
  • Clear calls-to-action with personalized language that guide users to the most relevant program opportunities for them.
  • Incentive promotions that are threaded throughout to drive participation and completion.
  • Streamlined navigation that makes it easy to get in, get things done and get out.

Best of all, the site will be tailored to your identity and wellness brand—so our platform becomes a seamless, attractive extension of your overarching program.

A Better Experience for Everyone

Your organization has its own look-and-feel, voice and needs. That’s why our portal offers flexibility that goes beyond the purely superficial. So in addition to customizing logos and color schemes, you can easily configure site features around unique populations or goals. The result? You’ll not only build a strong culture of health—but also engage your employees or members like never before.

You can also affect how the site looks and functions at the individual level. We call this Distinct ExperiencesSM, and it helps ensure each user only engages with information and resources that are relevant to him or her. For example, a program could be offered to one location but not another—or employees may earn a different reward from their spouses for completing the same activity.

Each Distinct Experience is segmented using a number of attributes that you define, such as:

  • Geography
  • Office Location
  • Health Plan Coverage
  • Job Type
  • Employee vs. Dependent

We also support bi-directional APIs and single-sign-on (SSO), so our platform can be the centralized hub that wraps your entire benefits package into a cohesive story. Rather than multiple logins across disjointed URLs, our portal provides a fully-integrated, frictionless user experience linking internal systems and/or third-party vendors. Such data-sharing makes the site even more relevant and personalized—prompting participants to return often and remain highly engaged with your program over time.

Diagram of API interactions

Device-Agnostic, Feature-Rich


Speaking of APIs, our Wellness Portal supports well over 100 apps and devices that are already popular with your employees today. The site’s App Manager allows the user to connect an app or wearable to their wellness account with just two clicks. Upon connection, their data seamlessly syncs to our platform and immediately feeds into any active programs the user is engaged in, such as challenges and coaching. It’s valuable data for their wellness journey—and validated data you can trust on the back-end.


We also offer a rich set of online features that assist each individual in achieving their goals and feeling truly invested in their wellbeing. With our Lifestyle Manager, users can track their key numbers across three behavioral areas (physical activity, nutrition and sleep). It integrates self-entered data as well as biometric data from any connected apps or devices they use, displaying the results in a graph or table log view. Participants can then compare their numbers over time with their peers’ average or national standards—and track their progress towards earning incentives.



Our Health Manager pulls in Health Assessment results and biometric values—such as blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI and blood sugar—to paint the “big picture” for each user. It presents year-over-year data in charts that are easy to interpret. And with a simple interface, users can continue tracking their numbers across the entire year through self-entry.

Anytime a participant needs expert support, they can use our streamlined Online Coaching feature to quickly review, select and engage with an available health coach via secure threaded messaging. It includes Coaching Conversation gadgets that make it easy to manage multiple interactions from within a single pane. If telephonic coaching is available to them, there is a Coaching by Phone option as well. And if you have an internal network of wellness champions, we also provide a configurable page for users to identify and engage with these valuable onsite resources.



Our Wellness Portal also includes the Welvie Treatment Decision Support tool. In many instances, there are two or more non-surgical options that should be considered before surgery. Welvie helps members understand those alternatives, discuss the benefits and risks of each option, and possibly get a second opinion to confirm if surgery is right for them. The tool guides the user through a six-step curriculum:

  • Step 1: Get the right diagnosis.
  • Step 2: Find the right doctor.
  • Step 3: Decide on a treatment.
  • Step 4: Learn about hospitals.
  • Step 5: Prepare for surgery.
  • Step 6: Recover at home.

Welvie helps individuals avoid unnecessary surgery—or make informed decisions so they get the best results from procedures that are truly needed. For your organization, this strengthens the bottom line by reducing risks and minimizing wasteful medical costs.

Truly Rewarding

Incentives are a key component of many wellness programs—so we’ve threaded them throughout our portal to drive awareness and participation. Each user their own Wellness Bank on the site to see which incentives are available and track their progress towards earning them. Our UI simplifies even the most complicated designs to minimize confusion. For example, users can filter incentives by “earned” versus “available” so they’ll always know what their next step is. And we ensure incentive fulfillment is easy for you and your population, with options spanning many types of gift cards, paid time off, charitable donations and even subsidized parking.

We also make incentives smarter and more personalized. Our dynamic incentive design process can key off a user’s profile to build an individualized plan that incents the right activities to drive the right behavior change for that person. And that makes it easier for you to achieve your organization’s overall wellness goals.

  • reward-02
  • reward-01

Our Wellness Portal supports nearly any incentive structure your organization would like to offer. We use a scalable administration framework that combines simple atomic rule blocks with sophisticated built-in workflows and error handling to create complex designs easily. So you have many options: incent based on participation, completion and/or outcomes; incorporate gateway, blocker and/or bundled activities; use multiple units of value; and even leverage inbound files from third-party vendors. We do it all. Plus, you’ll always know where things stand with our real-time reporting and on-demand incentive evaluation.

Here are a few examples of incentive plan designs used by our clients:

  • 4 out of 5: Among BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, and tobacco status—meeting at least four of the recommended goals earns them 50% towards their incentive.
  • Overall Point Goal: Points are awarded for outcomes towards an overall point goal threshold.
  • Biometric Achievement: Incentives are earned for achieving set outcome values, with additional program rewards available for non-outcomes-based activities as well.


Link diverse components into a seamless experience.


Fits everyday life with innovative online and mobile tools.


Provide the right support for each user’s needs.


Create a site that aligns with your needs and brand.