On.Target: Individualized Behavior Change Program

Digital roadmaps for living well.

Part of our Digital Health suite, On.TargetSM is Envolve PeopleCare’s self-paced, interactive set of programs that focus on an individual’s major health concerns and adapt based upon that person’s readiness to change, learning style and preferences. Its plans address five key risk areas: nutrition, physical activity, stress management, weight management and tobacco cessation.

Each On.Target plan has three levels, which our health specialists designed to build upon each other and address the types of issues likely to unfold in the course of attempting behavior change. Within a level, participants engage with various types of interactive activities:

Up to 40% of premature deaths in the U.S. are preventable through healthy habits.

Let’s save lives.

Leveraging a Vital Teachable Moment

After taking a health risk assessment, many people ask: “Now what?” On.Target provides that answer. Once participants complete our Health Assessment, their responses are processed through our segmentation engine to determine which plan is the best fit for them. The result is then presented as their On.Target Plan Recommendation. Other available plans are still shown in ranked order on the On.Target dashboard, so participants have the freedom to choose their own priority or enroll in multiple plans at the same time. Through this process, we not only provide clear guidance on what an individual’s health risks are—but follow up with a seamless call to action on behavior changes that can alleviate those risks.

Personal Experience—Personal Success

At the start of each On.Target plan, participants set their plan goal. To complete the plan, they will choose and complete at least 3 activities within each of the plan’s three levels. Spotlight activities are collected in a “quick links” list on the dashboard tab while progressing through each level of each plan.

At the end of level three, the participant is required to complete a post-plan survey before marking it as “complete.” Success is rewarded with an achievement on the On.Target dashboard for each plan completed. And participants can go back to review their plan and responses/data any time a refresher is needed.

End user lifecycle of communications
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User-Centric Design

On.Target is designed around each individual—what they need, when they need it and how to best help them succeed. Participants self-select into the program, so they are engaging with the health risks they’re most concerned with. It’s self-paced, so they can easily fit the program into their schedules and take full advantage of the curriculum presented. And we offer more than 100 activities, each designed to help individual in skills-building, overcoming barriers and sparking intrinsic motivation. On.Target is also integrated with our Wellness Bank for automated incentive achievement, as well as our App Manager and Lifestyle Manager to enhance the user experience across our entire platform.


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