On.Call: Lifestyle & Condition Management Coaching

Championing personal journeys towards better health.

On.Call Lifestyle & Condition Management Coaching is designed to address health and wellness needs at the 1:1 level. We understand that health behavior change is possible when you recognize and treat each person as an individual. That is why we tailor our approach to fit each participant and offer different coaching modalities—including online, onsite and telephone.

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The Best Support—From the Best Person

Our team includes coaches from multiple disciplines, including registered nurses, dietitians, tobacco cessation specialists and social workers. Participants are assigned to work with one primary coach based upon their Health Assessment data (lifestyle management) or historical claims data (disease management). This primary coach then facilitates sessions with others on the multidisciplinary team based upon the individual’s needs and motivation. For example, a primary coach who is a fitness specialist may arrange a call for the member to talk with one of our registered dietitians about healthy eating habits. Our whole-person approach allows us to meet members where they are and provide the help they need—rather than shoehorning them into a single silo.

Lifestyle Health Coaching and Disease Management Staff

Proven Success

Our coaching success is fueled by several factors:

  • Incentive strategies based on behavioral economics
  • Customized and targeted communications
  • Extensive health coach training on cognitive behavior engagement techniques and motivational interviewing
  • Outreach specialists making outbound calls with messages tailored for unique corporate cultures
  • Life barriers addressed at outreach
  • Integration between portal and coaching:
    • At the conclusion of our Health Assessment experience, users are prepared for coaching as the next step
    • Coaches have the benefit of seeing information contained in the individual’s portal record before sessions
    • Coaches can push messages to our portal to help drive participants to take action
On Call Success

Care That’s “Just Right”

Participants are stratified into a low-, moderate- or high-risk category based upon their clinical risk, readiness to change and health literacy. This creates a solid framework for customized care plans and prioritized goals. It also guides how many coaching sessions participants will likely need—and if they may benefit from other services, including relevant programs, mail-based interventions, and online tools or resources. It’s a smart, tactical way to provide the right level of intervention while maximizing efficiency.


Reach people where they are—online, onsite or by phone.


Tap into a pool of experts ranging from RNs to MSWs.


Allows coaches to see a wealth of user data to guide the process.


Tackle life-related barriers that often stymy better health.