On.Board: Health Empowerment Campaigns

Knowledge is power.

Part of our Digital Health solution, On.BoardSM is EPC’s suite of engaging, multi-touch email campaigns that please the eye and activate those small—yet vital—steps to better health. Spanning seven focus areas, each campaign provides information and tips that empower individuals to weave smart choices and healthy behaviors into daily life.on-board-campaigns

68% of people prefer to get health tips and information via email.

Let’s quench that thirst.

Source: “Technology beyond
the Exam Room.” TeleVox.

From Contemplation to Action

Our health empowerment campaigns are ideal for people in the “pre-contemplation” and “contemplation” stages of change. They provide easy-to-understand information and practical tips for getting started, conveniently delivered to their inbox.

Individual Spark—Population Scale

Good communication is key to the success of any health and wellness program. We have vast experience in messaging to diverse populations, and have won many awards as a result. Our individualized communications span multiple channels—including email, text and push notifications—to deliver highly-targeted messages. This not only launches your wellness program with strong awareness and enthusiasm, but helps carry that motivation throughout the entire wellness experience.

Stages of Change

The Choice Is Yours

Your organization selects a quarterly area of focus to address common population health issues—from diet and exercise to managing stress and weight. Choose to target prevalent risks among your population, or link them with relevant onsite events to magnify the impact.


Lay a strong foundation for upcoming activities.


Provide content that works well in today’s busy world.


Select a quarterly focus from a menu of 7 topics.


Link with onsite events to foster a culture of health.