Health Assessment and Biometric Screening

Crucial first steps for a stellar year of wellness.

The proprietary Health Assessment (HA) is an engaging, dynamic and streamlined experience thanks to our use of plain language, graphics and illustrations. Our tool takes just eight to 10 minutes to complete—and can be taken online, via mobile, on paper and by phone. You can even start the HA online and finish it on a smartphone, or vice versa. And it relies on a validated scoring algorithm to ensure accurate results and appropriate goals or calls-to-action.

Our onsite finger-stick Biometric Screenings feature real-time data uploaded to the participant’s HA via tablet technology. The full HA report can then be viewed by the participant and an onsite health educator instantaneously. This creates a teachable moment through which an individual learns about his or her health risks, discovers relevant program components and walks away with actionable, real-world goals top of mind. In addition to onsite screenings, we also offer flexible offsite options—including LabCorp vouchers, physician forms and Walgreens’ Healthcare Clinic vouchers.

66% of employers are focusing on building a healthy workplace culture. This is your blueprint.
  • HRA-01

    Welcome page upon logging into your account.

  • HRA-02

    Health Assessment welcome page.

  • HRA-03

    First section of the HA asking for input about yourself.

  • HRA-04

    Halfway through the HA, asking about your dietary regularities.

  • HRA-05

    Finish screen after completing the HA.

  • HRA-07

    Health Assessment report produced at the end as well.

Keys to Ignition

Offering our Health Assessment and Biometric Screening is the perfect way to launch an entire year of wellness. Your employees or members gain valuable insights into their current health risks and ways they can make improvements. Their results allow us to target the best follow-up services and programs across subsequent months—from online calls-to-action to invitations to enroll in a health coaching program. And you get accurate aggregate data on your population to fine-tune the overall wellness strategy or goals at your organization.

Spreading the Word

Good communication is key to the success of any health and wellness program. We have vast experience in messaging to diverse populations, and have won many awards as a result. Our individualized communications span multiple channels—including email, text and push notifications—to deliver highly-targeted messages. This not only launches your wellness program with strong awareness and enthusiasm, but helps carry that motivation throughout the entire wellness experience.

End user lifecycle of communications

Rewarding Experiences

Along with communications, offering incentives for completing these activities is a proven way to drive high engagement. And we make it hassle-free for you. Our scalable administration framework uses simple, atomic rule blocks—combined with sophisticated built-in workflows and error handling—to create complex designs easily. We also offer real-time reporting and on-demand incentive evaluations.


Get a clear picture of your population’s health risks.


Trigger individuals
to take action on their health.

Hard Numbers

Leverage biometric data to make informed decisions.


Turn this ho-hum experience into an engaging event.