Digital Health

We spark real behavior change.
  • Envolve PeopleCare takes a whole-person approach to health management that fits effortlessly into everyday lives. The result? A powerful suite of Digital Health services provided by LiveHealthier that inspires positive behavior change among individuals—and within organizations.

    We offer something for all your employees and their families. Digital Health provides the resources, skills and motivation each individual needs to reach their health goals. We offer tools to help your healthy employees track and maintain good habits. We also have programs that fully support people looking to manage specific risks and conditions.

    Our Digital Health services are designed to be complementary and compatible—so running them in combination is the most effective means of driving sustained behavior change.

  • Nurse Advice Line

    Real Stories

    When Gary’s Grandson got bronchitis from his smoking, he knew it was time to quit. Learn how our Health Coaching services helped him kick the habit.

    Read Gary’s story >>

Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening

Our Health Assessment and Biometric Screening create a teachable moment where participants learn about their health risks, discover relevant program components and walk away with actionable goals. Learn more here.

On.Board: Health Empowerment Campaigns

Our suite of engaging, multi-touch On.Board email campaigns present heathy ideas for everyday life that activate those small steps to better health. Learn more here.

On.Target: Individualized Behavior Change Program

On.Target is our self-paced, interactive set of programs that focus on an individual’s major health concerns and address the types of issues likely to unfold in the course of attempting behavior change. Learn more here.

On.Call: Lifestyle and Condition Management Coaching

On.Call is designed to foster health behavior change at the 1:1 level—with modalities spanning online, onsite and telephone. Learn more here.

Wellness Portal

Our Wellness Portal is the intuitive front-end platform that makes it easy for you to deliver a cutting-edge, personalized wellness program and spark real behavior change within your population. Learn more here.