Notice of Pregnancy (NOP) Service

Healthy newborns, happy mothers and a reduction in healthcare costs—a win for all involved.

No mother should have to see her baby struggle. But not all mothers know how to nourish themselves and how to make sure they go to the needed doctor’s appointments during pregnancy. Studies confirm that the earlier a woman receives prenatal education, the better the chances for a stronger, healthier baby.

Our Notice of Pregnancy (NOP) Service is a comprehensive health risk assessment program that gives pregnant women tools, knowledge and confidence to take charge of their health—increasing the likelihood of a successful, full-term pregnancy and a healthier baby.

Pregnancy can be a very vulnerable time for expectant mothers and their unborn children—and a potentially costly financial risk to you. From ICU stays to healthcare needs throughout life, premature babies can spend a lot of time in and out of hospitals and doctors’ offices, creating healthcare costs that might have otherwise been avoided through proper prenatal care.

We have designed a warm-touch program through which we deliver health information while assessing the mother’s prenatal care compliance. Our empathic and experienced healthcare professionals conduct the discovery calls to moms and find out if they have access to transportation to get to their appointments, if they have the right nutritious food needed and if they need a referral to a care provider.

According to the CDC, preterm birth affected more than 450,000 babies in 2012—or 1 of every 9 infants born in the U.S.

Client Benefits Include:

Parents with baby
  • Reduction in the costs associated with premature births, such as ICU stays and future healthcare needs.
  • Ability to screen for potential high-risk pregnancies.
  • Enhanced member education about prenatal programs and services to help them make healthy prenatal choices.
  • A compassionate, yet clinical, resource to answer member questions and offer guidance.
  • Improvement in member access to needed health services.
  • Improved birth outcomes.
  • Systematic status checks on the health of expectant mothers.
  • Easy-to-use reports and data to identify care management opportunities.
  • Increases for member loyalty and additional referrals to your plan.

The earlier that prenatal education happens, the better off everyone is—both health-wise and financially. By proactively connecting with expectant moms to assess their knowledge of nutrition, their transportation needs and other potential risks, our NOP Service can improve birth outcomes and prevent potentially expensive care.