HEDIS/Stars/QRS Support

Boost your P4P measures and member outcomes

Collecting and tracking Pay for Performance (P4P) data is not only important for meeting requirements, it’s also essential for improving the health outcomes of those you serve. We have worked with healthcare organizations to create best practices for population health management—which, in turn, can improve P4P measures encompassing HEDIS, Stars and QRS.

Serving as an extension of your team, we are the front line to your members or patients, not only reminding them of necessary well visits, but scheduling appointments on their behalf as well. Through clinical expertise and demonstrated results, we’ve created a forward-looking program to improve your P4P measures and lower your overall medical costs. We focus on providing measurable results through the use of data and analytics, while making it easy for those you serve to access and receive the care they need.

Client Benefits Include:

  • Overall healthcare-related costs savings.
  • Strategic management of your P4P program.
  • Improvement in P4P measurements.
  • Increased member or patient satisfaction.
  • Increased member access to care and resources.
  • Enhanced provision of preventative services to curb major illnesses.
  • Improved individual and population health.
  • Assistance for those you serve in navigating the sometimes difficult healthcare landscape.
  • Decreased amount of inconvenient administrative tasks on you and your team.
  • Greater ability to monitor member or patient’s need for care.
Patients who are more knowledgeable, skilled and confident about managing their day-to-day health can have 21% lower costs than those who lacked that same information!