Specialty Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Coordination and greater effectiveness for special needs

Our Specialty Therapy and Rehabilitative Services (STRS) offers discipline-specific expertise for the management of outpatient speech, physical and occupational therapies. We implement utilization management, peer-to-peer review strategies, and provider education, training and technical support. The outcome? Improved quality of care.

STRS are therapeutic interventions intended to reduce the impact of a developmental delay or acute impairment on an individual’s general health and functional independence. Each specialty service is unique in its purpose and application, so it is critical to have a strong clinical understanding of each discipline to determine appropriateness of services.

Our STRS program is designed for therapists by therapists, based on national norms and therapeutic standards. We educate providers regarding appropriate clinical practice guidelines for their disciplines and offer training and technical support to help ensure adherence to the discipline-specific practice standards.

Physical Therapy