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A Light Bulb Moment for Mary

Our Lifestyle & Condition Management Coaching is designed to address health and wellness needs at the 1:1 level. We understand that health behavior change is possible when you recognize and treat each person as an individual. That’s why we give participants the ability to connect with our coaches in the way that works best for them — including by phone, onsite, and online.

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Mary*, who was offered health coaching through her employee wellness program, decided online coaching would work best for her and was connected with one of our expert health coaches, Jason*, to start improving her health. After their first exchange (through our secure online portal), Jason learned that Mary needed help managing her cholesterol and pre-diabetes, with weight loss being a primary goal. They started out small to ensure Mary could succeed. First, they discussed simple starch replacements that could make a big difference in her diet. Mary also made it a goal to take a 10-minute walk three times a day. With Jason’s support and accountability, Mary stuck to these goals and began to realize that big goals are reached through small, incremental changes.

Over their next several exchanges, Jason and Mary covered a multitude of topics, tricks, and changes Mary could make to keep improving. They discussed ways to eat more mindfully, meal prep techniques, and drinking more water. Together, they even created a game-plan for eating healthy, and still having fun, at upcoming holiday weekends with family. They also talked about how Mary’s sleep habits were affecting her health, and set goals to create a relaxing evening ritual and get to bed earlier.

Although Mary started out determined, her mindset began to shift. She was no longer focused on losing weight, but on making individual healthy choices each day. By being more intentional and discriminating in those choices, she has been able to persevere, even when the scale wasn’t moving as quickly as she would have hoped.

In fact, about mid-way through the program, Mary confessed to Jason that she was feeling a bit stuck and unsure of how to move forward. Jason asked her to think about what her ‘keystone’ habit was – what healthy habit could she really anchor into that would make everything else easier? What habit could she always return to if she felt she was struggling in other areas? After taking some time to reflect, Mary’s next message to Jason was just what he had hoped to hear:

“The light bulb finally went on and I realized my keystone habit is movement. If I can get moving, instead of sitting and watching TV or spending time on the computer, then everything else falls into place. Moving doesn’t necessarily mean a walk, it could mean weeding the flowers to mowing the grass to just doing errands. If I’m moving, then I’m likely to eat better, and sleep better. So, thank you for the evolution of this process. It’s quite an enjoyable ride. :)”Mary

Our online health coaches love to see a smiley-face emoji! Jason and Mary continue to check-in and problem solve on a weekly basis. Stories like these are not hard to come by for our team.

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*Names have been changed to protect identities.