EAP: Meant for More Than Just Checking a Box on Benefits

Farmington, CT (February 22, 2018) – At its core, an employee assistance program (EAP) is meant to help employees in times of personal crisis, but a truly comprehensive EAP – one that provides value beyond just checking a box on employee benefits – should be more than an 800 number and counseling service.

A quality EAP provides counseling, referrals, trainings, and more, but what happens when the worst happens to your company and employees? In the aftermath of an employee death, natural disaster, or shooting, do you know who’s going to pick up the phone when you call your EAP?

If your EAP has a dedicated management consultation team, you will.

At Envolve PeopleCare,TM we have a team of seasoned experts in crisis response with clinical, HR, and business backgrounds who are available 24/7 to answer the calls of company management and respond to critical incidents. They provide professional consultation, working with you and your team to identify immediate needs, and deploy resources to support your employees.   

And even more importantly, this same team can help you plan in advance for crisis situations. No one can predict events with certainty, but experience can inform possible scenarios and prepare you to respond no matter what occurs.

At Envolve PeopleCare, we help leaders and employees prepare for workplace incidents and build resilience through our Prep360 program.

Our experts have developed an innovative pre-incident assessment to identify risks, needs, and gaps. Those assessment results inform planning exercises and skill development trainings for managers and employees to promote a safe workplace.

In the end, you need an EAP that serves as a reliable partner, rather than a vendor that just checks the box. So the question is – do you know who’s going to answer when you call?

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Lauren Plowman Lauren Plowman — Digital Marketing Specialist, Envolve PeopleCare

Lauren started her marketing career in the health industry and never looked back. At Envolve PeopleCare, she serves as the marketing team’s digital specialist and recently completed her Masters in Public Health, focusing on the application of traditional marketing tactics to health behavior change.

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